Friday, February 10, 2017

Ramblings Feb. 10

The dog ate all her food. With the stage 3 kidney disease, this is always a cause for celebration. Hooray!

When I eat everything on my plate, it's a cause for Weight Watchers.

I created this blog to deal with the thoughts swarming in my head that are like mosquitoes and won't let up. I should be happy, content, relaxed. I mean, I turned in my last book, so no deadlines yet. I have a new publishing contract on the horizon, but the deal is being worked out. So nothing yet.

And all I can do is make lists, more lists, and cross off the stuff. I suppose it makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Maybe it's the fact that I feel divided into quarters. There's the political me that wants to get involved in everything and feel empowered. The creative me that wants to embark on new projects that I'm not sure will make money. The business me that knows I have to keep up writing projects that WILL make money and the PT work. And the home me, who wants to keep the house tidy, do laundry, pay bills, take care of dogs and DH.

So even when I have nothing to do, I have too much to do.

Get organized. Maybe that will help. But it's such a lovely day out! I want to walk on the beach.

Ok, that's the plan. Apply for the Bookbub ad, cross that off my list. Then walk on the beach for 45 minutes and contemplate the next indie story, think about the characters, the plot, where I want to go with this.

Come home, jot down ideas, better yet, take my notepad and jot them down at the beach. Longhand.

Then in the afternoon, organize receipts for taxes, pay bills, errands. Call the pest control guy.

We'll see how much I can get done breaking everything down.

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